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Taking Neutral Appointments

If you are interested in taking neutral umpiring appointments, please contact the Secretary for more information (clickherefor email address).

Benefits of Middlesex HUA Membership


Covering ANY game ANYWHERE in the world that you umpire.

Rule Changes

All members receive guidance on changes in rules and rule interpretations.

Middlesex HUA Support

You will have support from MHUA if you have any issues in games (a red card for example) or just questions about umpiring or where to go next. If you want to take appointments we can help, but even if you don't, we will support you.

Middlesex HUA Network

You have not only the MHUA website but also the full MHUA network of umpires to provide you with information about any umpiring related issue.

To Join Middlesex HUA

Simply contact the Membership Secretary (clickherefor email address).

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Recent News Items
8th April 2019
Umpires needed for 5 May - Junior date and MHUA Coaching - please enter your availability
We have to support our junior sections with umpires on 5th May and we have 3 venues on this date and 4 pitches:

Merchant Taylor's School (Northwood) - 2 pitches
Staines Hockey Club
Eastcote Hockey Club

Please enter your availability in the system for this date and make a note of any ...
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7th April 2019
Level 2 assessment process ...(with link - click here)
The increased movement of teams next season caused by the reorganisation of the leagues (with the consequent knock on impact of clubs needing to identify Level 2 umpires) has put strain on assessing and coaching at all levels: national, regional and county. There was a plea at the recent MHUA ...
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Red cards and MMOs - uninvolved umpires must resist commenting
This has come up at a couple of recent MHUA committee meetings as a problem. Conversations concerning red cards or Match day Misconduct reports understandably get discussed in the bar post game. There have been recent instances when MHUA umpires not involved in the game but present in the bar have ...
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1st April 2019
Umpire coaching dates - Sunday 14th April and Sunday 5th May ...(with link - click here)
These dates are still open for umpires and young umpires to book in and make themselves available.

On both dates, we need to support matches on 4 pitches.

Sunday 14th April (pitches at Staines, Ashford, John Lyon and Paddington Rec)
Sunday 5th May (pitches at Merchant Taylors x 2, Staines ...
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Congratulations to our members Alex Nelson and Stuart Fenton who have been promoted from SCHUA to members of the NPUA B Panel. We continue to wish them well in their careers and as ever, our support.

Ruth Busse
Hon Level 1 co-ordinator
20th February 2019
Coaching sessions at the Junior Programme dates March - April - May 2019 ...(with link - click here)
Dear all - further to my last message, please can MHUA members use the MHUA website to capture their availability in the normal way for these dates.

Non-members - please use the form on the URL link provided (click on the red "with link - click here").

The dates are as follows and we need to ...
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7th February 2019
Coaching sessions at the Junior Programme dates March - April - May 2019
Dear all

For the 3rd year in a row, MHUA will be offering all members and umpires, whether they be junior, aspiring or other, the opportunity to participate in our coaching sessions.

The junior programme dates (JAC dates) are as follow, and we to support at least 3 venues for all 4 ...
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19th December 2018
New FIH Rule changes - implementation in England ...(with link - click here)
FIH has announced that changes to the rules will commence from 1 January 2019. However, England Hockey confirms that the no changes will be made to the domestic game during the remainder of the 2018/19 season

The FIH has announced the following significant changes:
• Match timings to be ...
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13th December 2018
New MHUA umpire shirts now available online in lime green, orange and yellow ...(with link - click here)
The new coloured MHUA logo'd umpire shirts are now available from the Pro Shop. MHUA umpires will continue to wear yellow but, additionally, will now have lime green and orange as alternative colours bringing us into line with regional and neighbouring county HUAs. They cost £25 but are a better ...
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Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch to be regarded as a Disrepute Offence
The following message has been received from David Elworthy at England Hockey:

We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – ...
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