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Taking Neutral Appointments

If you are interested in taking neutral umpiring appointments, please contact the Secretary for more information (clickherefor email address).

Benefits of Middlesex HUA Membership


You will be fully insured to umpire ANY game. Your club can only insure you to umpire their club games.

Rule Changes

All members receive guidance on changes in rules and rule interpretations.

Middlesex HUA Support

You will have support from MHUA if you have any issues in games (a red card for example) or just questions about umpiring or where to go next. If you want to take appointments we can help, but even if you don't, we will support you.

Middlesex HUA Network

You have not only the MHUA website but also the full MHUA network of umpires to provide you with information about any umpiring related issue.

To Join Middlesex HUA

Simply contact the Membership Secretary (clickherefor email address).

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Recent News Items

23rd November 2016
Level 1 Courses in January 2017!
Hi All

There are two courses now listed by England Hockey happening in Middlesex in January 2017:...
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4th October 2016
Level 1 assessments and coaching requests
Hi all - especially to club umpire reps, some information regarding coaching and level 1 requests.

(1) Please send all coaching and level 1 assessment requests directly to myself in the first instance and I will channel the enquiry appropriately....
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26th September 2016
Appointments contacts for October / November
hi all
for the months of October and November, Keith Boddy will be doing the appointments in my absence, with Arthur Soares assisting him.
If you have to drop out for any reason please contact Keith either ideally via the middx.appointments@live.co.uk or his own email address...
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21st September 2016
Revision to red card/match day misconduct procedure ...(with link - click here)
The red card/match day misconduct reporting form has been changed in response to amendments to the EH Disciplinary Code in relation to personal penalties received by players during a game, with specific reference to red cards. The intention of this change is to ensure that an accumulation of minor...
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19th September 2016
Umpire development and neutral appointments
MHUA level 1 co-ordinator Ruth Busse on behalf of the committee is putting a call out for more umpires to take neutral appointments. MHUA are always keen to both progress members with their umpiring careers and expand their pool of umpires taking appointments on Saturday, Sundays and mid-week. MHUA...
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Pro Shop to supply MHUA umpire shirts ...(with link - click here)
MHUA shirts in men and women’s cuts in yellow, sapphire blue and cerise pink are now available to all members to order online from the Pro Shop. Previously, the Middx crested shirt was worn by umpires taking neutral appointments but the committee are keen that the shirts are worn proudly by all...
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