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Taking Neutral Appointments

If you are interested in taking neutral umpiring appointments, please contact the Secretary for more information (clickherefor email address).

Benefits of Middlesex HUA Membership


You will be fully insured to umpire ANY game. Your club can only insure you to umpire their club games.

Rule Changes

All members receive guidance on changes in rules and rule interpretations.

Middlesex HUA Support

You will have support from MHUA if you have any issues in games (a red card for example) or just questions about umpiring or where to go next. If you want to take appointments we can help, but even if you don't, we will support you.

Middlesex HUA Network

You have not only the MHUA website but also the full MHUA network of umpires to provide you with information about any umpiring related issue.

To Join Middlesex HUA

Simply contact the Membership Secretary (clickherefor email address).

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Recent News Items

27th November 2017
Level 1 courses ...(with link - click here)
Hi all - if you have club umpire members looking to get on level 1 courses, then do keep an eye on the England Hockey website as courses are being arranged regularly.


Ruth Busse
Hon level 1 co-ordinator
More Congratulations!
Congratulations also to Holly Redpath who passed her level 2 assessment this weekend and is now a full member of SCHUA, we wish you all the best in your future umpiring also.

Ruth Busse
Hon Level 1 co-ordinator
11th November 2017
Congratulations to Clare Ormerod
Congratulations to Clare Ormerod who today passed her SCHUA Level 2 assessment, MHUA would like to wish you continued success at South level.

Ruth Busse
Hon Level 1 co-ordinator
23rd October 2017
England Hockey seek views on future governance and direction of our sport ...(with link - click here)
England Hockey is reviewing the sport's governance structure aiming to 'provide the best opportunity to develop the sport, increase participation levels and the chances of sustained success at national and international level while safeguarding participants and giving members the best possible...
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16th October 2017
England Hockey new red card/matchday misconduct offence report form ...(with link - click here)
England Hockey have produced a revised red card/matchday misconduct offence report form that can be downloaded from the following link and put in your kitbag
4th October 2017
More Congratulations!
Congratulations to Ryan Croxon and Elysee Laporte who have both passed their level two assessments and are now both full members of SCHUA. We wish you both the best with your umpiring careers.

Congratulations also to Clare Ormerod who has been accepted by SCHUA as a level two candidate....
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28th September 2017
Women's Pool Umpires
Some of the more observant of you will now see that those umpires taking appointments in the SL3 leagues have letters in brackets after their name. This is to show me which club the umpire is attached to whilst I get to know umpires.
(E) - Eastcote...
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25th July 2017
AGM awards, new Honorary Vice Presidents for Life and minutes ...(with link - click here)
There was lots to celebrate at this year's AGM at Eastcote HC on 14 July 2017. Edwin Owen, Arthur Soares and James O'Hara were made Honorary Vice Presidents for Life, James O'Hara's retirement from hockey was recognised by the introduction of a new James O'Hara Coaching Award that was won in its...
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21st September 2016
Revision to red card/match day misconduct procedure ...(with link - click here)
The red card/match day misconduct reporting form has been changed in response to amendments to the EH Disciplinary Code in relation to personal penalties received by players during a game, with specific reference to red cards. The intention of this change is to ensure that an accumulation of minor...
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